Our Story 

God’s Mandate

bishopBefore launching CMO Global God spoke these words to her heart " Just as I orderly created the Heaven and the Earth with order and make sure that all of creation has daylight, glare from the stars and moon and air to breathe…It is with this order that I have set these things into motion. Tell my women, the young daughters and mothers that it's time to set their house in order.  For the old way of doing things is over in order for me to usher in a newness that is needed during this time.
Tell my daughters that, "I am wanting to refresh their lives with order.  For their homes should be heavenly created to usher in my presence.
So let the atmosphere in your home usher in my presence and renew, restore and refresh your lives into a level of newness for a sweet aroma of my presence will reign.

So Rachael... I say to you. GO...tell my daughters that I will help them have order in their home.

I am releasing the Spirit of Esther to guide them into a wealthy place. Rebuke procrastination, laziness, clutter and confusion and release an anointing to move.

Help them to get moving in the right direction. Let their steps be as a marching army moving to the drumbeat of order. Let confusion cease and the anointing flow for I am calling you the woman of change. Changing women into the image of Christ from the inside out."

Out of this desire to HELP others and God’s mandate, Color Me Organized (TI) was born as a vehicle to help other women eliminate procrastination and get organized to fulfil their purpose.  The Color Me Organized (TI) launched in 2006 as Mentorship program.  At that time, Rachael Miller was excited to mentor her first class of three women.  Mrs. Miller knew that the Bible clearly indicates that when you are faithful over the few that God will make you ruler over many.  She taught those women:  Masha, Sonya and Lavonne with all her heart.

Each year, God began to send her more women to teach, mentor, train and develop.  Word of mouth began the driving force that led women to CMO.  As women began to see their lives change, they would begin to go get their friends and family.

CMO Class #2 - (The Small & Intimate days but BIG VISION, we could see you!)

In the seventh year of Color Me Organized, Rachael Miller established for the first time a Membership Program to help her expand her reach. Color Me Organized has members across the nation who are all saying yes to change and are bringing balance and order to their everyday life.   Women are learning the power of living a disciplined life along with the following:

    How to effectively plan each day (Spiritually, Physically, Socially and Financially)
    How to eliminate household clutter
    How to plan meals and promote healthier options
    How to spend quality time with family
    How to create a system to pay bills on time and eliminate paper mail clutter
    How to recognize their true potential and profit from their passion and God given

CMO Global Today

Now nearly a decade, CMO Global has grown in many dimensions.  CMO Global is the parent organization of Color Me Organized Training Institute, Operation Spreading Love and Randall’s Care. Its headquarters now in Fayetteville, GA is the home of staff, hundreds of members, volunteers, partners and friends.  CMO Global hosts workshops, seminars, coaching sessions, empowerment breakfasts, webinars, teleconferences, live radio and television broadcasts; as well as, specialty classes.  In addition, CMO Global hosts 2 annual women’s retreat across the nation and the world. At its heart, CMO Global customizes its focus to 7 Core Areas: Faith, Finances, Family, Home, Health, Future Growth and Development and Fun.  CMO Global headquarters provides a clean, warm, calm and peaceful oasis for many of our women to get refreshed, rejuvenated, replenished and Refined.  The main meeting space is commonly referred to as The Refining Room.  CMO Global headquarters is the catalyst to the mission of Refining Women Worldwide.