Take chage of your future and live a life that is fulfilling.  When you wake up nn Monday mornings are you excited about the job you go to? Is it fulfilling? Do you wish you had an exit plan? What type of life are you looking to create and experience? What needs to happen in your life to help you move forward? Let me help you identify and explore ….and together transform your life! One on One Coaching w/ Life Coach Rachael Miller for Busy Women Who Need Help Balancing Life and Pursuing Passion!

A-List Coaching 
"Catapult your vision with the jumpstart 3-session package for $375.00" 

Premiere Coaching  
"Crystalize your vision with the 6-session package for $690.00" 

Elite Coaching  
"Change your destiny with the 12-session package for $1,200" 

Each package comes with a complementary orientation session. Choose the package that is best for you and together we will chart the course to your destiny! 

“Coaching with Rachael Miller has been a life changing experience. It helped me to get focused in my career and has made a big difference in my life!” - Yvonne Abraham coaching client and a member of Rachael’s ARMY! 

“One on one coaching has illuminated my vision. Though the dream seems big the path now appears achievable. The insights from the sessions are God ordained and filled with revelation to the successful birthing of the vision. 

One on one coaching has helped to keep me focused and provided the right accountability partner I need.” – Michelle Handfield coaching client and a member of Rachael’s ARMY!