About Us


CMO Global Inc. is a Faith Based Christian outreach that provides life coaching, education and awareness to pertinent community and life issues that relate to:  Faith, Family, Housing, Health, Life Skills, Personal Development and Stress Reduction.  The purpose of CMO Global, Inc. is to help families who receive resources, skills and training to have a better quality of life, understand their purpose and fulfill their destiny.  Through professionally supported programs, educational videos, television programs and PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) and one-on-one group coaching with pastors, Certified Christian Life Coaches, industry experts and community leaders we provide education and awareness on pertinent issues that are challenges for families, women, youth & teens.

The seven core areas of CMO Global, Inc. include:

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Finances
4. Home
5. Health
6. Future Growth and Development
7. Fun

CMO Global, Inc. also extends its support through our community outreach programs such as: “Operation Spreading Love” that is specifically designed to help seniors who reside in nursing homes.  This program helps to reduce depression and loneliness amongst the senior population.  “Operation Spreading Love” adopts residents in nursing homes who don’t have family members to visit them.  Care baskets and toiletries are provided during the holidays, and our volunteers spread love and joy to the often forgotten seniors, closed behind the four walls of nursing homes.
Through our disaster relief program, “Randall Cares,” CMO Global, Inc. serves as a life line that provides tangible needs to families who’ve experienced a natural disaster to include; but not limited to fire, tornado, hurricanes etc.  Our disaster relief program provides toiletry care packages and tangible resources to families who lives and homes have been uprooted and devastated by natural events.
CMO Global, Inc. Scholarship Program enrolls deserving women, often single women with children and women in employment transition who desire to grow and develop; into the division of Color Me Organized Training Institute.  This scholarship program allows us subsidize the cost of Color Me Organized Training Institute’s services, coaching sessions, classes, workshops, retreats and convention registrations.  These women are able to get the help they need to be viable contributors to their families, their children and their communities.


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